11 clean label ingredients and technologies driving healthy new product development

Oct 21, 2014 | AFS News

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The term “clean label” has been percolating under the surface for the last few years. Among U.S. consumers, the appeal has suddenly burst in the open for ingredient decks that are cleansed of artificial, chemical-sounding ingredients and a yearning for products like grandma used to make. “Organic” is part of that, as is the awakening for products that are certified to be non-GMO.

What’s at the heart of clean labels? It could be allergens (6% of children have food allergies), or gluten-free (which makes up 62% of the $2.6 billion “free-from” market that’s growing at 14% a year, according to market watcher Liz Sloane), or a simple desire for simplicity.

“It used to be consumers accepted what was in a product. Now they want to know about what’s inside,” said Steve French from market watcher Natural Marketing Institute. “This notion of transparency lends itself to the clean label trend, which is a macro shift across many industries.”

Raw material ingredient suppliers are working to supply manufacturers with ingredients that can swap out for chemical-sounding ones that are no longer finding appeal – even if they can increase shelf life, enhance creamy textures, or help keep prices low.

The following are companies we like at Supply Side West in Las Vegas Oct. 8-9 that are providing clean-label solutions.

The new buzz

Energy is huge. And caffeine is the engine. But just about every energy drink you drink features synthetic caffeine. It’s not the stuff lovingly fetched from a red ripe berry whose brown crunchy bean houses that caffeine everybody seeks.

Until now. Applied Food Science, founded by botanical veteran Loretta Zapp, has been able to source organic natural caffeine extract under its brand name PurCaf. “Getting caffeine out without using chemicals is a hard thing,” said Jackson Zapp, VP of sales and marketing. “Not only is PurCaf natural but non-GMO organic caffeine, and that’s the buzz words everyone’s talking about. We found an extract using an organic water method to get the chlorogenic acids, the caffeine, out for beverage makers primarily and also sports nutrition.”

The company also endeavors to pay fair wages to the partners in South America, Asia and Central America.

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