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  • Don’t Sleep on Organic, Soluble Turmeric

    Don’t Sleep on Organic, Soluble Turmeric

    Austin, TX, USA, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PurTurmeric™, an innovative, superior quality turmeric extract, yields a complex flavor and full solubility for simple formulation. Look for this new ingredient from Applied Food Sciences (AFS) at BevNET Live and IFT, 2018.

    • Trending Turmeric
    • Organic Certified & Non-GMO
    • Highly Water Soluble
    • Shelf Stable
    • Saves Time & Cost in Formulation


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    Trending Turmeric

    Consumers are craving more complex flavors and new experiences. As a golden-yellow spice native to India, turmeric meets this demand. The number of turmeric-infused products is rapidly increasing across all segments of the natural foods industry, most notably beverages.

    Organic Certified & Non-GMO

    PurTurmeric is organic and non-GMO yet it utilizes a different method of extraction than a typical press or juice concentrate. The net result is very similar, but the difference is in the AFS extraction technology which more accurately isolates the organic active components, called curcuminoids, and delivers this excellent flavor and function in a manner that is effortless for formulators.

    Highly Water Soluble

    PurTurmeric is perfect for beverages, stick-packs, or effervescent tablets. Unlike concentrates or juices, PurTurmeric is highly water soluble and will not contain undesired textures, particulates, or inevitable settling. While flavor and health benefits are key targets, a typical turmeric extract would include sedimentation due to its insoluble particulates. Without losing flavor or function, AFS has designed PurTurmeric to be a proprietary ingredient that is clean in solution.

    Shelf Stable

    PurTurmeric is a shelf-stable, dry ingredient which holds a two-year shelf life. Comparatively, juices and concentrates are perishable and often have a fourteen-day shelf life. The cost of shipping frozen or refrigerated material is typically more than twelve times that of a dry ingredient, and storage space is limited.

     Saves Time & Cost in Formulation

    PurTurmeric is standardized, meaning that it is consistent when formulating, making turmeric projects easier to scale. Extracts save hours of processing raw turmeric and minimizes material waste disposal. With PurTurmeric, manufacturers can provide consistent product flavor and nutritional benefits from turmeric in every production run.

    About Applied Food Sciences

    Applied Food Sciences is the leader in innovation for functional, organic ingredients in the natural products industry. Quality is transparent from seed to label through organic farming, ethical sourcing, and sustainability. AFS cares about every stakeholder from rural farmers to the largest companies in the world. Learn more about AFS and PurTurmeric at BevNET Live in New York June 6th -7th, 2018, or at IFT18 in Chicago July 16th – 18th, 2018, at exhibit S0567. Visit www.appliedfoods.com, or call 1 (800) 345-9666, or emailing info@appliedfoods.com.

    Original Text:  Don’t Sleep on Organic, Soluble Turmeric

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