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Organic broad-spectrum hemp by AFS is Self-affirmed GRAS for safe use in US food and beverages. AFS.Hemp™ is USDA Organic Certified, specified to 0.0% THC, and sourced using guaranteed industrial hemp from EU certified seedbanks.  

AFS.Hemp™ Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Finally, a hemp ingredient developed by a food company for a food company.

AFS.Hemp™ Summary

Applied Food Sciences is proud to announce the launch of their new hemp ingredient. Manufacturers can have confidence using AFS.Hemp™ thanks to the GRAS determination that allows for safe use in food and beverages. AFS.Hemp™ is USDA Certified Organic, contains 0.0% THC, and boasts a broad-spectrum of cannabinoid content. Applied Food Sciences (AFS) brings over 20 years of experience to the natural products industry. Now hemp is in good hands, allowing product makers to worry less about quality and regulatory matters while focusing more on formulating their best work. 

Quality is transparent from seed to label as AFS.Hemp™ is produced using authentic hemp strains sourced from EU-certified seed banks. Further, AFS uses a supercritical CO2 extraction for a clean ingredient that preserves the extensive range of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, & flavonoids found in the original plant without any residual solvents. AFS.Hemp™ ingredients are considered “broad-spectrum,” meaning they contain 0.0% THC for added confidence in any product.


Key Confidence Building Factors for AFS.Hemp™

•    0.0% THC [Known as “Broad-Spectrum”]

•    GRAS For Use in Food & Beverages

•    USDA Certified Organic

•    Reliable Supply Chain of Certified Hemp From EU Seed Banks 

•    CO2 Extract – No Residual Solvents

•    And AFS Has Over 20 Years Experience Making Food Ingredients

Ingredient Offerings

AFS.Hemp™ comes in three unique delivery systems all standardized to CBD content. While the cost per serving of active CBD is the same across all three products, each ingredient has its own advantages for any desired formulation. 

   6% water-soluble oil

The 6% water-soluble oil is ideal for all liquid applications. Depending on the customer’s desired formulation targets, this ingredient can be paired with AFS’ proprietary herb-emulsification technology for maximum flavor masking and a clear beverage.

➡️   10% water-soluble powder

The 10% water-soluble powder is ideal for applications that include any still (not sparkling) beverage and powdered formulation – i.e. stick packs, bulk powder, sachets, drink mixes, etc. The full solubility and effortless mixability allow for a very clean application in beverages.

➡️   20% high-performance oil

The 20% high-performance oil is ideal for supplements, tinctures, soft gels, topicals, and other nutritional products that require more potency.

*The cost per serving of active CBD is the same across all three ingredients.

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*Applied Food Sciences, Inc. does not sell products direct to consumers. This product is not to be consumed in this format but is intended for further processing or manufacturing.

GRAS for Approved Use in Food & Beverages

“GRAS” is an acronym for Generally Recognized As Safe and is required by the FDA. Any ingredient that is intentionally added to food and beverages must be recognized, among qualified experts, as having been adequately shown to be safe under the conditions of its intended use.

Applied Food Sciences has taken the proper steps to get AFS.Hemp™ generally recognized as safe (GRAS) among qualified experts under the conditions of its intended use in food and beverages.

Supplying Certified Hemp vs. Hemp Hybrids

All manufacturers of hemp products should be aware that in October of 2019 the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its interim final rules for regulating hemp production. This ruling comes as a follow up for the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which nationally legalized hemp production. It also exposes some serious concerns about how much of the current hemp supply is using hybrid strains of hemp with greater than 0.3% THC. 

The most significant piece in the new rules is the sampling procedures that require law enforcement agencies to collect samples of hemp from each operation 15 days prior to harvest and have them tested in a lab registered by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Should any hemp be found to have a concentration of THC higher than 0.3%, the new rules stipulate that the material must be destroyed by an authorized agency such as the DEA.

AFS.Hemp™ uses only certified strains of hemp that are sourced from verified EU seed banks and guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% THC. Even in cases where the THC content is removed during extraction, like with AFS.Hemp™, all hemp ingredients must still be grown in compliance with the new rule and contain less than 0.3% THC prior to harvest.

Broad-Spectrum over CBD Isolates

Research is quickly catching up to the tremendous benefits of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in supporting normal: brain health, immune function, a healthy inflammatory response GI health, fertility, bone health, and more.   

When it comes to the benefits of using phytocannabinoids, cannabidiol or CBD is the most notable active compound in hemp. However, more than 80 other phytocannabinoids are in hemp, and they all play an essential role in supporting the ECS.

So while CBD isolates contain only a distillate of cannabidiol (CBD), all the other beneficial plant matter contained in the hemp plant is removed during the extraction process. Beyond the convincingly undermined efficacy, there are additional regulatory concerns with using CBD isolates. Distilling hemp to a single chemical compound changes it drastically from its naturally derived state, which may be cause for regulatory concern. Additionally, isolates may be more vulnerable to synthetic adulteration. 

On the other hand, both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum hemp extracts preserve the naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids found within the plant. While there is research showing that trace amounts of THC can help the Endocannabinoid System for an improved ‘entourage effect,’ AFS.Hemp™ is broad-spectrum, meaning that it has 0.0% THC or below detectable levels of THC as verified by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) or by AOAC validated methods.

AFS.Hemp™ allows for a broad-spectrum entourage of cannabinoids content, not just CBD alone. AFS.Hemp™ uses a supercritical CO2 extraction method, ensuring there are no residual solvents and that the ingredient contains a panoramic entourage of phytocannabinoids. Verified using a Chromatogram, AFS.Hemp™ does not just contain CBD but also includes CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBE, CBA, terpenes, canflavins and other beneficial compounds.

The AFS Advantage

Applied Food Sciences (AFS) has been in the food and nutrition ingredient industry for over 20 years. AFS understands what it takes to put an ingredient in a food, a beverage, as well as a nutritional supplement. Many product manufacturers wanted to expand their portfolio to include hemp, but there are significant quality and regulatory hurdles in doing so. The benefits of working with AFS start at the regulatory level with a GRAS determination that allows for the usage of AFS.Hemp™ ingredients for specific food and beverage applications. 

AFS.Hemp™ is manufactured in a FSMA-certified production facility which adds legitimacy to manufacturing for a food and beverage ingredient. In addition, NSF certification assures suppliers, retailers, regulators and consumers that an independent organization has reviewed the product’s manufacturing process and determined that the product complies with specific standards for safety, quality, sustainability or performance.