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The Next Generation of Caffeine

The unique, well-researched combo of caffeine & antioxidants provides a bright and focused energy experience for improved performance and motivation.

Organic caffeine from green coffee beans with 95% caffeine and a more neutral taste profile.

Organic green tea extract delivered in either a high-potency 90% caffeine, or a 40% caffeine.

Green coffee extract with an ideal ratio of caffeine and antioxidants 40% caffeine; 40% chlorogenic acids

Bold, spicy ginger with superior solubility

Highly water-soluble organic ginger powder that mixes seamlessly into solution. With a 2-year shelflife, our pure organic ginger provides bold flavor and function consistent in every batch.

Highly water-soluble organic turmeric powder adds brilliant golden-orange color and on-trend flavor to your beverage projects with ease.

Cascara coffee fruit extract is a naturally sweet, nutritionally rich flavor that is original and on-trend.

The best plant protein comes from the heart

70% protein complete with all nine essential amino acids from ‘hemp hearts.’ The removal of the shell presents a much cleaner ingredient that is white, instead of green, and is void of bitter, pungent flavor typically associated with hemp seeds.

Protein from green coffee beans has 30% protein, excellent flavor, and silky-smooth texture for that creamy protein blend.

A light, straw-colored hemp seed oil loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and other nutritional actives.

95% Curcuminoids in a clean, free-flowing beadlet for stain-free and dust-free production.

Organic Vitamin C sourced from Amla (Indian Goose Berry) standardized to 25% Vitamin C.

A potent detoxification ingredient supporting liver health, and hormone balance. *Also available as CDG [Calcium D-Glucarate].

Hemp in good hands

With 20 years of experience making functional food ingredients, AFS provides a broad-spectrum hemp extract that is GRAS for safe and approved use in U.S. food & beverage. Our USDA Certified Organic extracts have a transparent and reliable supply chain of non-narcotic industrial hemp [not marijuana-hybrids].

Available in 3 delivery systems

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*Applied Food Sciences, Inc. does not sell products direct to consumers. This product is not to be consumed in this format but is intended for further processing or manufacturing.