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Apr 21, 2017 | AFS News, Caffeine

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Guayusa or ‘Ilex guayusa’ as it is commonly referred to as in the amazon rainforest, is a species of tree from the family of the ‘holly genus’ plants.

In terms of specific regionality, the leaves are naturally found as well as cultivated in upper Amazonian regions of Ecuador, northeastern Peru, and southwestern Colombia, (basically in regions that lie anywhere between 200–2000 meters of elevation).

Another place where one is like to find a Guayusa outcrop is in ‘evergreen or deciduous premontane forests’, especially ones which are dominated primarily by Dictyocaryum palms.

In terms of its usability, the leaves are initially dried which allows for the flavor to develop. Indigenous societies such as the Amazonia Kichwa, are known to brew guayusa leaves like tea and consume the solution like any other beverage (especially similar to coffee or tea).

However, the guayusa leaves are in no way related to ‘camellia sinensis’, a similar strain of organic leaves which are used in the formulation of various green or black tea variants. Instead, guayusa has been scientifically related to ‘yerba mate’ ( scientifically referred to as Ilex paraguariensis), a fellow rainforest holly leaf that grows further south in the Atlantic Rainforest region, primarily in Argentina and Brazil.

About AMATEA Guayusa Tea Extract

AMATEA Guayusa Tea Extract is an all new beverage option that features the use of a highly potent mix called the ‘guayusa extract’, guayusa is a highly water soluble ingredient used for the production of focused energy in many beverages or nutritional supplements…

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