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AmaTea® Guayusa Tea Extract

Apr 21, 2017

•  5 minutes to read

Guayusa or ‘Ilex guayusa’ as it is commonly referred to as in the amazon rainforest, is a species of tree from the family of the ‘holly genus’ plants. In terms of specific regionality, the leaves are naturally found as well as cultivated in upper Amazonian regions of Ecuador, northeastern Peru, and southwestern Colombia, (basically in regions that lie anywhere between 200–2000 meters of elevation). Another place where one is like to find a guayusa outcrop is in ‘evergreen or deciduous premontane forests’, especially ones which are dominated primarily by Dictyocaryum palms.

In terms of its usability, the leaves are initially dried which allows for the flavor to develop. Indigenous societies such as the Amazonia Kichwa, are known to brew guayusa leaves like tea and consume the solution like any other beverage (especially similar to coffee or tea).

However, the guayusa leaves are in no way related to ‘camellia sinensis’, a similar strain of organic leaves which are used in the formulation of various green or black tea variants. Instead, guayusa has been scientifically related to ‘yerba mate’ ( scientifically referred to as Ilex paraguariensis), a fellow rainforest holly leaf that grows further south in the Atlantic Rainforest region, primarily in Argentina and Brazil.

About AmaTea®

AmaTea guayusa extract is an all new beverage option that features the use of a highly potent mix called the ‘guayusa extract’, guayusa is a highly water soluble ingredient used for the production of focused energy in many beverages or nutritional supplements.

In terms of the composition of the natural extract, AmaTea contains a unique ‘nutritional fingerprint’ standardized at 20% caffeine, 30% chlorogenic acids, 5% catechins. Due to the low tannin content in the mix, each serving of AmaTea is sweet and not bitter, dry, or chalky tasting like many other more astringent tea extracts.

AmaTea guayusa extract features a naturally sweet flavor which complements its various other components well, such that the beverage is pleasant tasting and highly nutritious. In terms of its color, the brew looks clear and almost transparent when compared to other caffeine heavy beverages coffee, tea.

Key Features of AmaTea®

Non-GMO – Each package has been carefully synthesised after immense clinical research, there are no GMO organisms that have been added to the mix. This ensures that all the contents of the product are completely safe for ingestion and are free of any ill/effects.

GRAS Recognized – GRAS or ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’ is a certification that not many supplements possess, what this accreditation means is that all of the ingredients which go into making Amatea are not only safe but also have nutritional value which can benefit the user.

Organically Grown – All of the plant and herbal extracts that are there in the mix are sourced from organic locations. Not only is the harvest completely organic, even the source is maintained responsibly and at a high level.

The Difference

What really sets the product apart is its special formulation process which supplies the beverage with a variety of key nutrients and antioxidants. Amatea uses an exclusive process patent for the production of enriched natural ‘guayusa antioxidant mixture’ from a ‘single source plant’ containing antioxidants, amino acids and caffeine. This process helps deliver the most flavourful, nutritious blend of guayusa to its users.

How AmaTea® Works

Due to the presence of various nutritionally superior compounds in the guayusa leaves, they are able to deliver users with a variety of major health benefits. The leaves contain chlorogenic acids, (CGA) similar to those found in coffee plants, and the catechins found in tea.

Another key aspect of the guayusa leaves is their unique antioxidant profile which allows for the delivery or rapid absorption of the main water-soluble compounds in the mix (primarily the chlorogenic acids that have been added for enhanced antioxidant activity in the ‘plasma and cardiovascular system’).

Amatea also helps in the faster metabolization of complex catechins that have been clinically found to aid in digestive health. Apart from its energy release functions, there are also other uses for this highly special plant. Recent Qualitative analytical research has shown that the guayusa leaves contain a range of caffeine derivatives along with various other stimulatory agents. Through their synergistic combination, individuals can experience increased focus, attention and overall awareness levels.


One of the biggest strengths of Amatea is its flavor filled taste profile. Traditionally brewed in boiling water, its preparation and overall appearance is similar to that of black tea. However, guayusa in terms of its technical composition couldn’t be further away from tea. It lacks heavy tannin or bitter fraction that is typically known to cause the astringent, dry-chalky, flavor profiles that are present in green or black tea leaves.

In its natural state, guayusa is slightly sweet tasting, not bitter. The novel flavor of guayusa,is its ‘clean earthy taste profile’, which are is known to optimise the working of our sensory organs and deliver an impactful brew with each serving.

Sustainable Growth

According to the manufacturer “Guayusa is shade-grown, in these forest gardens, under a canopy of more than 50 different native hardwood trees. Guayusa shrubs typically reach an average of 10 m high and present a multitude of stems that measure 2 to 15 cm at breast height before they are harvested.

The olive-green leaves of Ilex guayusa are perennial and about 5cm long, with small white flowers.”

Amatea® guayusa extract is exclusively produced by independent farming families, not industrial plantations. Their farms are not mono crop systems, instead farmers plant guayusa in ancient forest gardens known as “chakras” by the Kichwa people.

Originally posed on Supplement Police

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