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Applied Food Sciences Opens State-of-the-art Innovation Center

Jan 19, 2017

•  2 minutes to read

Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (AFS) demonstrates a commitment to innovation in food, nutrition and life sciences with the grand opening of a Midwest-based Innovation Center in Iowa City, Iowa. The Austin-based company, Applied Food Sciences, is a natural ingredient supplier specializing in botanical extracts for food, beverages and supplements. The newly opened Research and Development Center, is a multi-million-dollar investment located at the University of Iowa BioVentures Center (BVC) featuring molecular biology labs, advanced analytical and materials research laboratories, and a pilot production plant.

“AFS chose the BVC as our home for innovation for a number of reasons,” states Chris Fields, VP of Scientific Affairs at Applied Food Sciences. “The University of Iowa is home to a strong work ethic, a high level of professionals, and culture of innovation in the areas of Biotechnology and Food Science. What makes us the most excited is the opportunity to collaborate with other innovative companies in the areas of food technology, then merge those lessons learned with our expertise in life sciences.”

One of the primary goals at the new Innovation Center is to help foster the growth of plant-based science; how the evolution of food fits into the current and future food supply and how it can help to not only continue to feed the growing population, but also make it healthier, and more nutritionally sound.

AFS believes having a great location in the Midwest United States moves them that much closer to both the farmers who feed the community and processors who utilize plants for added-value end products.

“We are creating the ideal environment to foster collaborative teams with the mission of touching all aspects of how advances in food sciences can produce long term significance to the positive impact on health and wellness,” echoes Loretta Zapp, CEO of AFS.  “This new center is evidence of our commitment to our customers and the enhanced value we strive to bring to their products. AFS is excited about these additional resources that will add even more value to our current offerings that include supply chain sustainability, innovation, formulation and manufacturing support.”

To learn more about Applied Food Sciences visit or contact their VP of Sales & Innovation Jackson Zapp Customers can also call 512-732-8300 or set up a meeting at Expo West in Anaheim, CA March 9-12, 2017.

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