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CleanStream™ Organic Microbeadlet Curcumin Extract

CleanStream™ is an innovative curcumin ingredient with a free-flowing beadlet technology for exceptionally cleaner and more efficient curcumin production.

Working with traditional curcumin ingredients can be a manufacturer’s nightmare because turmeric stains equipment, creates dust, and causes caking in production lines. CleanStream™ is an ideal and simple solution because we encapsulate the active ingredient. Imagine faster, more efficient production thanks to our free-flowing beadlets that reduce caking in lines. Finish your runs with cleanup times that are 5-6 times shorter than when running other turmeric ingredients because of zero dust and less staining. CleanStream™ is a dream for your next curcumin project.

Key Benefits
  • 95% Active curcuminoids
  • Organic, free-flowing beadlets
  • More efficient production runs
  • Zero dust / staining of equipment
  • 100% Organic / Non-GMO
CleanStream™ Curcumin
Formulation Benefits
  • 6X Faster Clean-Up Time
    CleanStream™ Curcumin features a beadlet technology that does not adhere to machinery, resulting in a significantly reduced post-production cleaning time.
  • 95% More Efficient Flow
    CleanStream™ Curcumin beadlets prevent caking in lines for a free-flowing production that saves manufacturers time and money.
  • Excellent Compressibility
    CleanStream™ Curcumin can improve the ability to blend and compress curcumin into various supplement applications such as tablets or capsules.
Highlight Feature

CleanStream™ is a free-flowing microbeadlet curcumin for exceptionally cleaner and more efficient curcumin production.

The Battle Against Adulteration

Trust and transparency are essential to the future success of turmeric and curcumin-based products. As a proud member of the American Botanical Council (ABC) and their continued efforts to educate the industry, AFS has taken numerous steps supported by ABC’s experts to ensure high-quality turmeric in the marketplace. To certify 100% turmeric in AFS’ curcumin extracts, the company has developed a multistep approach that incorporates both USP and AOAC validated methods for specific compound identification. In addition, AFS conducts isotope testing to ensure no synthetic substances have been introduced in the raw material.

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