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CoffeeFruit™ cascara coffee cherry extract by AFS

JAVA.g® Antioxidant Energy

Time for balanced, healthier energy with antioxidants and caffeine from green coffee beans.

AFS is a supplier of green coffee caffeine extract standardized for chlorogenic acids and naturally occurring caffeine content. JAVA.g® green coffee caffeine offers an innovative fingerprint that combines the potent health benefits from green coffee antioxidants with the natural caffeine from coffee. This ingredient is perfect for formulating healthy functional beverages and foods. JAVA.g® is quickly becoming a popular solution for natural energy drinks. One of the most highly bioavailable antioxidants to humans is called Chlorogenic Acids (CGA).  One major source of CGA is coffee beans.  Chlorogenic acids in green coffee have quickly become a popular source of antioxidants used in both nutraceutical and beverage formulation because they are stable, soluble, and highly metabolized in humans.  Green coffee is also high in naturally occurring caffeine.  In JAVA.g® caffeine and chlorogenic acids are standardized at a functional ratio that is simple to formulate with, clear in solution, and has a neutral flavor profile.

Key Benefits
  • 40% Caffeine
  • 45% Chlorogenic Acids
  • 60% Total polyphenols
  • Fully water-soluble
  • Sustainably grown
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • GRAS
Key Feature

AFS is the largest supplier of natural and organic certified caffeine. JAVA.g® has more than 5 billion servings sold world wide!

More Credible Ingredients

Credibility is largely related to trust. When over one-quarter of all energy drink consumers surveyed say they drink fewer energy drinks because they don’t trust the artificial ingredients inside, it is time to clean up your label (Mintel). By substituting these synthetic and unrecognizable ingredients with known sources, like coffee and tea, consumers can easily draw a connection of familiarity. For over 20 years, we have been sustainably and ethically sourcing coffee from our certified farms. Read more about our Sustainable Sourcing Initiative with our partners in the Sustainable Herbs Program.

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Applied Food Sciences is a supplier and wholesaler of bulk organic, functional ingredients for the natural products industry. AFS manufactures its specialty botanical extracts for use in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional supplements. Whether you are seeking extracts, powders, or concentrates, you can rest assured that, with over 20 years of experience, AFS can support your project needs.

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