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PurC® Organic Vitamin C Extracts

Boost Your Organic Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is a naturally occurring compound in many fruits and vegetables. Yet, it might be a shock to learn that most vitamin C used for supplements and beverages is synthetically derived. Artificial vitamin C has become the industry norm, mostly because of the known challenges in extracting it from natural sources. For many of these ingredients, the extractable amounts of vitamin C in their raw form are neither potent enough, stable enough, nor soluble enough to be used as a commercially viable option in products. Applied Food Sciences addresses this by providing the industry with the incredible potency of PurC organic vitamin C extract. Available in two great sources.

Key Benefits
  • 25% Vitamin C
  • Fully water-soluble – Perfect for Beverages!
  • Excellent flavor that is deliciously tart with a hint of sweetness
  • USDA certified organic or conventional options
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Can also be used as an pH modifier/preservative

Featuring PurC® Acerola

Let’s make healthy brands better with vitamin C from nature. Organic PurC® harnesses the incredible potency of acerola cherry, which contains 70 times more vitamin C than other fruits and vegetables by weight. Meaning a little of our water-soluble 25% vitamin C extract packs a healthy punch. This innovative ingredient adds a deliciously light tart flavor with a hint of sweetness to beverages, gummies, foods, and supplements. So try a sample for your next formulation and boost your organic vitamin C with PurC® (available in conventional and organic).

Sensory Profile

PurC is slightly sweet with a mild tart finish, and it is the perfect complement for a wide variety of product applications.


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