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PurTurmeric™ Organic Turmeric Powder

When 80% of our human connection is through the eyes, your product’s color is critical. PurTurmeric brightens the food experience with vibrant golden-orange color and on-trend flavor. Solubility is essential when formulating with organic turmeric. And PurTurmeric is the cleanest, most water-soluble powdered turmeric of its kind. Whether you’re developing a brilliant colored beverage, functional food, or nutritional supplement, you will appreciate the ease and consistency of PurTurmeric. Now is the time to work with this functional, aromatic flavor. It is a must-try!

Key Benefits
  • Brilliant golden-orange color
  • On-trend flavor
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Sustainably sourced
Formulation Benefits
  • Highly water-soluble
  • Dried powder extract
  • Shelf-stable for two years
  • Microbial free

PurTurmeric brightens the food experience with vibrant golden-orange color and functional, aromatic flavor!

Target Applications

PurTurmeric is ideal for beverage, functional foods, and nutritional supplements where solubility is a must. 


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