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Organic caffeine supplier and manufacturer, Applied Food Sciences, features PurCaf® organic caffeine extract from green coffee. PurCaf® is the clean and sustainable caffeine.

PurCaf®  Organic Caffeine

Perfect for natural energy drinks and sport nutrition formulations.

About PurCaf® Organic Caffeine

PurCaf® organic caffeine is the perfect ingredient for natural energy drinks and sport nutrition formulations because it is highly water soluble. This organic powdered extract, standardized at 95% pure caffeine, is extracted from green coffee beans. PurCaf® is non-GMO and one of the only GRAS caffeine sources in the industry today for safe use in beverages. While being highly water soluble, PurCaf® organic caffeine is also clear in solution and has a neutral taste profile. Applied Food Sciences is a leading supplier of green coffee bean extract supplying naturally-sourced caffeine to the global beverage market.

Benefits of PurCaf®

•    95% Caffeine

•    Fully Water Soluble

•    Clear in Solution

•    More Neutral Taste Profile

•    Certified Organic

•    Non-GMO Project Verified

•    GRAS

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*Applied Food Sciences, Inc. does not sell products direct to consumers. This product is not to be consumed in this format but is intended for further processing or manufacturing.

The Changing Landscape for Energy

From an ingredient supply perspective, we have noticed more recent inquiries about our natural energy division than anything else. The changing landscape of energy drink consumers has a lot to do with this demand for our PurCaf® organic caffeine and other novel energy ingredients. The rate of inquiries is a response to consumers seeking cleaner, better-for-you, more natural ingredients on their product labels.


-Natural beverages occupied more than 40% of total beverage dollar gains and organic beverages grew by 25% in dollar gains. (source: SPINS, 2016)

-Today one in four U.S. consumers say they would be more comfortable drinking energy drinks or shots made with all-natural ingredients. (source: Mintel, 2016)

-30% of energy drink users are consuming natural energy drinks. (source: Mintel, 2017)

Applied Food Sciences takes vital step in obtaining GRAS [Generally Recognized As Safe] status for PurCaf® organic caffeine, for use in food and beverages.

Austin, Texas – (April 2015) – An independent third- party expert panel, led by a team at AIBMR Life Sciences has, independently and collectively, critically evaluated the safety of Applied Food Sciences’ PurCaf® organic caffeine and unanimously conclude that the intended use of PurCaf®, is generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Applied Food Sciences’ PurCaf® is intended to function as a “natural replacement” for synthetic caffeine for use as a caffeine delivery ingredient in conventional standard finished food and beverage products that utilize and list caffeine as an ingredient.

“As the FDA continues to focus its attention on manufacturing compliance for dietary supplements, many companies are looking to reposition their liquid products as beverages. A fundamental aspect of beverages is that all ingredients must be approved food additives or GRAS,” says Justin Prochnow, Shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, LLP, and part of AFS’ legal counsel. “A company that has already achieved ‘self-affirmed GRAS’ status for caffeine is ahead of the game as companies scramble to position their products as beverages. A self- affirmed GRAS form of caffeine alleviates the need for a company to go out and get its own GRAS affirmation. The fact that it is organic is yet an even bigger plus. A self-affirmed GRAS form of organic caffeine clearly puts the company out in front of the rest of the marketplace.”

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