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PurTea® is organic green tea caffeine. Applied Food Sciences is a supplier of the finest quality, sustainably sourced organic green tea extracts.

PurTea® Organic Green Tea Caffeine

Clean Energy Sourced from Green Tea.

About PurTea® Organic Caffeine

PurTea® organic caffeine is a green tea extract that is fully water-soluble and has less bitterness/astringency so it is easier to formulate within beverages. PurTea’s unique extraction process removes some of the less desired compounds that make beverage formulations challenging. PurTea was developed to provide an organic source of caffeine and antioxidants for a more balanced energy feel.

Benefits of PurTea®

•    90% Caffeine

•    Fully water-soluble

•    Clear in solution

•    More neutral taste profile

•    Certified organic

•    Sustainably Sourced

•    Non-GMO Project Verified

•    See also PurCaf

PurTea® is in stock standardized to 90% caffeine for soluble energy applications. Additionally, for labeling benefits and additional health benefits, PurTea® is also available at a specification of 30% caffeine and 20% catechins (an optimum serving of both caffeine and antioxidants from organic green tea).

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*Applied Food Sciences, Inc. does not sell products direct to consumers. This product is not to be consumed in this format but is intended for further processing or manufacturing.

The Changing Landscape for Energy

From an ingredient supply perspective, we have noticed more recent inquiries about our natural energy division than anything else. The changing landscape of energy drink consumers has a lot to do with this demand for our PurTea™ organic caffeine and other novel energy ingredients. The rate of inquiries is a response to consumers seeking cleaner, better-for-you, more natural ingredients on their product labels.

Natural beverages occupied more than 40% of total beverage dollar gains and organic beverages grew by 25% in dollar gains (source: SPINS 2016).

Today one in four U.S. consumers say they would be more comfortable drinking energy drinks or shots made with all-natural ingredients (source: Mintel, 2016).

30% of energy drink users are consuming natural energy drinks (source: Mintel, 2017).

Transparency in Sourcing Organic Green Tea

Being responsible is a win/win. While it may not be the primary goal, our customers certainly recognize that consumers are willing to spend more for products that align with their values around clean, ethically-sourced, organic ingredients – 31% more, according to Mintel! (source: Mintel report for AFS Innovation Retreat, Feb 2015).

For Applied Food Sciences, we want to help build credibility for our customers. We believe in the principle of  “show me, don’t just tell me,” and that’s what we deliver. We have taken an initiative to build video, social media, and other technology into our traceability program to bring the full story to our customers. See us live on Facebook or Twitter from some of the organic farms as we share our experience in real time. In the end, we are not just selling ingredients for energy drinks, we are passing along a story that is so transparent and traceable that our customers can easily own it and share it with their customers, the end consumer.

Applied Food Sciences selects only the finest organic tea leaves, free from pesticides and other harsh chemicals conventionally used in processing, What makes PurTea® organic green tea extract most unique is how we purify our catechin stream to remove impurities that not only create negative sensory attributes but may reduce the overall absorption of the catechins within the body. These catechins, when combined with the naturally occurring caffeine, can result in an enhanced energy source that is much more desirable to formulate within beverages.

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PurTea® Organic Green Tea Extract.