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AmaTea® Organic Guayusa Extracts

Guayusa (gwhy-you-sah) is unlike any other caffeine.

US PATENT NO 10,300,097 B2

Our patented guayusa extracts highlight the naturally occurring antioxidants and caffeine from guayusa for a cognitive, uplifting energy experience, unlike any other caffeinated ingredient. Guayusa, pronounced “gwhy-you-sah,” is a functional herb that grows only in the upper Amazon basin of Ecuador and Peru. We are proud to partner with an alliance of indigenous-run cooperatives supporting thousands of farming families in the Amazon rainforest to source our guayusa responsibly.

AmaTea® Ingredients

Through ongoing research and clinical studies, we are excited to introduce two organic guayusa extracts to the market.

•  AmaTea® – Organic guayusa extract standardized to caffeine.

•  AmaTea®Max – Organic guayusa extract standardized to chlorogenic acids and caffeine, clinically studied for nootropic gaming performance.

Key Benefits for AmaTea®

•  Caffeine + Antioxidants

•  Clinically researched

•  FDA “No Comment” GRAS

•  Fully water-soluble

•  Responsibly sourced

Target Markets / applications
  • Energy Drinks / Shots
  • RTD Beverages
  • Functional Hydration
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Nootropic Supplements
  • Stick-Packs / Powders
  • Effervescent Tablets
  • Gummies / Gels

Guayusa is technically very different than other teas in that it lacks a heavy tannin or bitter fraction that would typically cause the astringent, dry-chalky flavor profiles. Instead, guayusa provides a pleasant, almost sweet tea-like flavor.

Meaningful growing

Over the last five years, we worked to build a sustainable supply chain of responsibly and ethically sourced guayusa through co-ops and foundations across Ecuador and Peru. We work with independent farming families, not industrial plantations, protecting both the ecosystem and the cultures surrounding this botanical ingredient. Our farms are not mono-crop systems. Instead, guayusa is grown in ancient forest gardens known as “chakras” among trees and other vegetation utilizing patterns observed in nature. Farming in this method reduces the need to degrade or cut down the forest and creates a more diverse, productive, and ecologically sound land-use system.


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