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The Future of Nootropic Caffeine

AmaTea® Max Organic Guayusa Extract

Not all caffeine is equal. AmaTea® Max comes from Guayusa (Ilex guayusa), hailed as an Amazonian “super leaf” thanks to exceptional antioxidant properties and unique caffeine content. We developed a patented extraction process to enhance the plant’s naturally occurring compounds to provide a nootropic ingredient that delivers a bright, balanced, and cognitively uplifting energy experience. Numerous peer-reviewed journals have published articles on this impressive ingredient’s efficacy and safe use. However, for added peace of mind, AFS hired an independent lab to conduct its safety data and submit it to the FDA for review, receiving a historical first “no questions letter” recognizing its GRAS status for safe usage in food and beverage applications.

Clinically Studied In:

Mood & Daily Focus

Sports Nutrition


Mood & Daily Focus

Try the feel good energy from AmaTea® Max

Consumers are giving more importance to their mental well-being, and hence, they are looking for products that can help them feel good, stay mentally focused, and improve productivity throughout the day. AmaTea® Max has undergone numerous clinical trials that have demonstrated its impressive effects in enhancing mental acuity and mood. This ingredient is an excellent choice for products that aim to improve focus, concentration, memory, and overall sense of happiness for daily life.
Feel good energy. Brands that contribute to our sense of joy, mental clarity, and happiness add value to our everyday experience. AmaTea® Max provides a bright and cognitively uplifting energy experience that is tangibly different from other forms of caffeine.
Stay focused throughout the day. Empower your customers to navigate daily tasks with more concentration and mental bandwidth. AmaTea® Max enhances attention, memory, focus, and mental stamina.
Productivity. Foster a composed mindset for effective problem-solving and decision-making. AmaTea® Max improves concentration for better multitasking with more cognitive precision.

Sports & Active Nutrition

Nootropic energy for physical performance with AmaTea® Max

Get “In The Zone

Flex Your Focus. Keeping your eye on the prize requires complete attention and focus. AmaTea® Max supports athletes with quicker mental processing, increased energy, and improved concentration with fewer mental errors.
Cognitive Control. Be the calm within the storm. Athletes need to keep their composure without the nervous side effects associated with synthetic caffeine. AmaTea® Max responds differently than typical forms of caffeine, providing sharp mental energy while allowing the body to remain in a more controlled physical state.
Seconds Matter. Maximum performance starts in the brain, calculating how quickly athletes can process information and physically react to it. AmaTea® Max sharpens reaction time and cognitive response rate while providing more immediate memory recall and rapid decision-making.
Drive to Keep Going. Success comes down to motivation and a willingness to keep pushing. In a trailblazing study with female athletes, AmaTea® Max significantly improved readiness and motivation to exercise.

Cognitive Focus in Esports

Evaluating Gaming Performance with AmaTea® Max

Experience Fewer Jitters
Active gamers using AmaTea® Max showed no increase in jitters compared to gamers on synthetic caffeine, which significantly increased jitters.
Increase Your Stamina
Gamers using AmaTea® Max showed reduced mental fatigue with increased vigor for more energy, effort, and enthusiasm.
Enhance Your Focus
AmaTea® Max helped gamers as they showed improvements in reaction time, cognitive performance, and greater kills per match.

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AFS has built a sustainable supply chain of responsibly sourced guayusa through cooperatives run by indigenous farmers across Ecuador. Rather than industrial plantations, we work with thousands of independent farming families from more than ninety different communities to source our guayusa.

US 10,300,097 B2

Formulation Benefits
  • Dry Extract
  • Shelf Stable
  • Water Soluble
  • USDA Organic
  • GRAS approved
  • Sweet Tea-Like Flavor






Foods & Confections


Guayusa is technically very different than other teas in that it lacks a heavy tannin or bitter fraction that would typically cause the astringent, dry-chalky flavor profiles. Instead, guayusa provides a pleasant, almost sweet tea-like flavor.

Safety First

Applied Food Sciences achieved a historical first for a natural caffeine-containing botanical when they received a “no questions letter” from the FDA recognizing the safe use of guayusa in approved food and beverage applications through its GRAS analysis (Generally Recognized as Safe).

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Applied Food Sciences is a supplier and wholesaler of bulk organic, functional ingredients for the natural products industry. AFS manufactures its specialty botanical extracts for use in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional supplements. Whether you are seeking extracts, powders, or concentrates, you can rest assured that, with over 20 years of experience, AFS can support your project needs.

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The Story of Guayusa

We want to share our story about the broader impact that sourcing botanicals can have on communities. This article tells the story of a novel Amazonian tea and its incredible impact on the indigenous people that...

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