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Preventium® Glucarate for Cellular Detoxification


Help your body naturally eliminate harmful toxins, pollutants, and chemicals with glucarate. This potent ingredient for cellular detoxification is one of the best-studied and well-renowned actives for liver health. Other substantial health benefits include balancing hormones, supporting healthy cholesterol, and reducing the adverse effects of alcohol ingestion. Preventium is available in two delivery systems.

Key Benefits
  • Supports natural detoxification
  • Support liver, prostate, & breast health
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels
  • Decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-6 and TNFα
  • Increases anti-inflammatory IL-10
Formulation Benefits
  • Fully water-soluble
  • Neutral taste profile
  • Clear in solution
  • USP Grade
  • FFC Grade
Two delivery systems:

Potassium hydrogen-glucarate [PHG] is a fully water-soluble ingredient designed for simple and effective use in liquid, stick pack, and effervescent applications.
Calcium D-glucarate [CDG] is a commonly used ingredient in pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement delivery systems like tablets and capsules.

How Preventium® Works

The body filters and eliminates toxins is through the liver in what is called the phase-II detoxification pathway. There, Preventium converts in our body into glucaric acid, a key phytonutrient that the liver uses to bond with toxins and make them water-soluble. Once bound, toxins are less likely to damage our cells, and our body can more easily remove them. Preventium also inhibits certain enzymes, called beta-glucuronide, from separating the toxins from their bond, thus preventing them from being reabsorbed freely into the body.


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500mg of AFS Glucarate has the Glucaric Acid Equivalency of: