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PurHP-75 organic hemp seed protein by AFS

PurHP-75® Organic Hemp Seed Protein

PurHP-75® is a delicious high-purity hemp seed protein ingredient for use in meat alternatives, baked goods, and plant-based beverages.

75% protein from hemp seeds. It is time to inspire keto-friendly, plant-based foods with organic hemp seed protein by AFS. Because we only use the white inner heart of the hemp seed, our hemp protein has a delicious flavor, texture, and exceptional functional properties for a smoother sensory experience across many applications. PurHP-75® is the perfect ingredient for plant-based meats, baked goods, and non-dairy products. While its nutritional attributes in 75% protein, high mineral content, and all nine essential amino acids are attractive, its sensory and formulation qualities are what truly set this protein apart from other plant-based ingredients.

Nutritional Value
  • 75% Protein (more wt/wt than almonds, chia, or flax seeds)
  • Clean & neutral flavor
  • High in fatty acids and minerals
  • Free from the top eight allergens
  • Complete with all nine essential amino acids

AFS organic high purity hemp protein is standardized to 75% protein complete with all nine essential amino acids, providing an ideal nutritional balance. In addition, the ingredient contains healthy fats, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, and at least 25% of RDA for iron, magnesium, and zinc per ounce.

®Sensory Profile

PurHP-75® organic hemp protein powder is near white in color and has a deliciously light creamy flavor. In addition, the high purity texture of our PurHP-75® delivers a smooth mouthfeel with no grittiness. So how did we overcome the sensory issues with traditional hemp seed ingredients? We simply remove the outer shell!

Hemp seed’s outer shell and thin casing contain most of the tannins and chlorophyll, contributing to green color, pungent odor, and bitter notes. By dehulling the shell and color sorting any residual fragments, we get to the pure inner part of the grain, appropriately called the “hemp heart.” This high purity hemp heart is what we use to make our PurHP-75® hemp protein, and it makes a world of difference on the sensory experience.


Target Applications

PurHP-75® has a minimal impact on sensory, so it can influence a wide range of product applications. The delicious flavor and complementary functional attributes, like foaming, emulsifying, and gelling capacity, help set this plant protein apart from others.

Alternative Meats

It is time to inspire vegan, plant-based meats with AFS organic hemp protein. Our plant-based protein has exceptional emulsification and gelation properties for juicier, more authentic meat textures. Your patties, nuggets, and seafood will benefit from the 75% protein complete with all nine essential amino acids. But it is the neutral color and flavor that make PurHP-75® ideal for alternative meat production. Meat analogues formulated with our hemp protein display a good fibrous texture with desired juiciness and firmness.

Plant “Baked” Protein

PurHP-75® organic hemp seed protein is a perfect solution for keto, plant-based baked goods and snacks. Our high purity ingredient has a delicious flavor and texture because we only use the hemp seed’s inner “heart.” In addition, hemp grain has exceptional formulation properties like high oil binding capacity and an ideal melting point, contributing to a smoother sensory experience in baked goods and extruded snacks. Your pancakes, muffins, puffs, and bars will benefit from the 75% protein complete with all nine essential amino acids. But it is the neutral flavor, desirable amino acids, and fiber content that establish this plant protein as best in its class.

Cream of the crop: Non-Dairy Innovation

Plant-based milk, yogurt, ice cream, and spreads never tasted so good, thanks to PurHP-75®. We only use the white inner heart of the hemp seed, so our organic hemp protein has a delicious creamy flavor to go along with its exceptional emulsification and water holding capacity for a smoother sensory experience in non-dairy product applications.

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Applied Food Sciences is a supplier and wholesaler of bulk organic, functional ingredients for the natural products industry. AFS manufactures its specialty botanical extracts for use in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional supplements. Whether you are seeking extracts, powders, or concentrates, you can rest assured that, with over 20 years of experience, AFS can support your project needs.

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