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D-Glucarate cellular detox to help the body recover from harmful toxins.

Glucarate for Cellular Detoxification

Patent No: US7662863B2

Glucarate is a potent ingredient for cellular detoxification. While it is primarily used for liver health, there are several other substatial health benefits including removing access estrogen, balancing hormones, and supporting healthy cholesterol. Preventium® is also patented for reducing or eliminating the negative side effects associated with alcohol ingestion.

AFS offers two high-quality and well-studied glucarate ingredients. Preventium® is water soluble potassium hydrogen glucarate designed for simple use with beverage and stick pack applications. CDG® calcium d-glucarate is more commonly used in supplemental delivery systems like capsules and tablets.

What is Glucarate?

Glucarate is a naturally occurring nutrient produced by humans. Smaller amounts are also found in fruits and vegetables. Sadly, exposure to toxic chemicals is hard to avoid these days. Pesticides, herbicides, plasticizers (like BPA), and air pollution are part of a long list of chemicals encountered every day at home, school, work, and around the community. As exposure to toxicity has risen drastically, humans need more glucarate to help process the excess load.  

How Glucarate Gets Rid of Toxins

One of the ways the body eliminates toxins is through the liver and the phase-II detoxification pathway. Once in the body, glucarate is metabolized into glucaric acid. The liver uses this nutrient to bond toxins into water-soluble compounds called glucuronides. Once bound toxins are less likely to continue to cause damage to cells and can be more easily removed from the body. 

Glucarate also inhibits certain enzymes, called beta-glucuronide, from separating the toxins from their bond, thus preventing them from being reabsorbed back freely into the body.

Benefits of Preventium® and CDG®

Support Natural Detoxification

Facilitates removal of fat-soluble toxins via glucuronidation / Phase II detoxification pathway. See patent for late-night recovery.

Support Liver, Prostate, & Breast Health

Facilitates removal of excess steroidal hormones via glucuronidation / Phase II detoxification pathway.

Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels

By supporting liver health, D-Glucarates have been shown to lower serum cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Support Anti-Inflammation

Decreases pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-6 and TNFα while increasing anti-inflammatory IL-10.

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Glucarate by AFS for Detoxification Infographic

Key Formulation Benefits

Available in two forms

•  CDG® Calcium D-Glucarate

•  Preventium® Potassium-Hydrogen Glucarate

Ideal Applications

•  Food & Beverages

•  Dietary Supplements

•  Pharmaceuticals / Injectables

•  Topical Cosmetics


Additional Benefits of AFS Glucarate

•   Water Soluble

•   Clear in Solution

•   Neutral Taste Profile

•   USP Grade

•   FCC Grade



500mg of AFS Glucarate has the Glucaric Acid Equivalency of

500mg has the Glucaric Acid Equivalency of